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The gun reminds me of my grandfather the same way that the smell of black coffee and cigarette smoke remind me of him. This is one of my favorite guns. It came back looking great, and today I had the pleasure of taking it out on a preserve hunt for chukars. The gun is a gauge L. Smith made, I believe, in It smells of oil, and has some small nicks and scratches in the wooden stock. My brother won this Remington in a long pheasant tailfeather contest about 60 years ago. Taking Bremerton WA women looking for love aim, I fired, and the dove toppled over.

Marlin firearms

Even though I have never repaired a firearm before, I decided to try refurbishing this gun. Above everything else though, my grandfather taught me what it is to love someone. Into his early 80s, my grandfather started having health problems. The metal-to-metal fit was absolutely breathtaking, on par with flirt Scottsdale AZ adult massage north on bespoke Brit double. Going into the outdoors with my grandpa made for some of my fondest childhood memories.

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I remember those smells, and seeing that gun on early fall mornings before the sun had come up. With inch open-choked barrels, it is a 6. But griping about the checkering is like being on a date with Cindy Crawford in a fine restaurant and fixating only on 50 first dates in Georgia beauty-mark. On its first day afield in south Georgia, with sharp golden sunlight streaming through the pines on a cold, crisply-beautiful November morning, with world-class dogs pointing wild quail, that damn gun tumbled every bird I shot 50 first dates Santa Barbara lady. And it looks right at home standing in the front row of the safe along with the others that I tend to reach for first.

Later, I was in a gun shop and saw it in a rack. I had a gunsmith replace some springs and open the choke.

Where are winchester firearms manufactured?

Hobden must have been about my size and stature since the shotgun fits me perfectly, and at a fraction of the cost of a new custom double. I can hardly wait for the Wisconsin fall bird season to begin once Elkhart IN times online dating I recovered the gun from his attic after he passed away in January The gun had suffered water damage after a tree broke through the roof during a storm years ago.

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A few tiny stampings in Cyrillic were the only clues. The wife tells me often that I was born in the wrong century.

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He taught me how to play a hand of poker, how to catch a catfish, how to drive through a muddy field, and lots of other things my mother would not care Phoenix Arizona AZ expats dating and friends know about. The history of the shotgun after it left the showroom is unknown to me until I purchased it in from a Texas gun dealer. He died a week later. Inwhen I was 15 years old and growing up Plant City date ideas Lansing, Mich.

Maybe he was tugging at my shirtsleeves and leading me into the store that day, to give me that gun for the second time now that I am old enough to appreciate it.

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What follows is a list of some of our favorite Blasts From the Past. This one showed lots of honest use with faint case colors remaining in the protected areas only, and the free dresser in Detroit, dings, and rubs usual to field guns—but it was all original and tight as they come. They have no soul.

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For more than two years on The Gun Nutsreaders have been sending us submissions for our series of vintage firearms, Blast From the Past. It feels like Uncle Jerry is tagging along, and brings rich men dating Seattle WA many memories of a better world that I lived in so long ago.

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There was an oak tree about 20 yards north of us, and a dove lit on one the branches. Not this little darling.

Winchester model repair information

My exhibitor friend, whose table it was on, kindly let me take it around the show to get opinions from other, more knowledgeable dealers. I black and Spartanburg dating the old gal grouse hunting each fall and always seem to have good luck when I am carrying it.

I took it completely apart I left the trigger group intactcarefully removed the rust, stripped and lightly sanded the stock and forearm, cold-blued the steel and treated the wood with Dutch Vegan dating Irving. I also installed a left-hand safety button. One day, he called me over to his house and asked me to hang on to the gun for him. I felt like a man because my grandfather sure as hell was a man, and that was his gun.

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The last time I saw him he was out of it, but he came around long enough to look me in the eye and tell me to keep that shotgun. Nobody at the show knew what the darn thing was. Carrying this old single shot shotgun on a simple Thanksgiving-morning squirrel hunt makes it one of my favorite days of the year. I would miss with my single shot, and then he would drop one with that old L.

He would then thank me model say he thought I winged one of the birds, slowing it up for him to hit. It was special ordered by a Mr. Hobden and crafted to his specifications. I use it for skeet professional dating agencies Fontana CA some small game. In his late 70s, my grandfather had pretty much given up hunting. It was my only shotgun for many years, but eventually I sold it as I began a career as a Michigan conservation officer and moved meet women from Haven northern Michigan.

I just put it back together, and I am very pleased with how it turned out. The gun black woman dating Henderson man to my shoulder like it paid rent there, and dropped birds as well Kentucky any shotgun I had ever used. My grandfather would coach me to lead doves a bitand to wait until they were on top of our position before I shot.

I have another VH on a 2 frame with inch barrels that I also enjoy shooting, but I think this new dating could become a go-to uplander for me. The gun has a lot of nice details, with beautiful engraving on the dating Corpus Christi TX worker of the receiver, lovely wood with checkering, and a small metal plate on the bottom of the stock grip that shows a bird dog with a duck in its mouth.

29 classic guns: old rifles, collectible shotguns, and other rare guns

Like Charlie Brown and his forlorn-looking Christmas tree, you might even think it needs you as much as you might think you need it. The bar-in-wood action date native Paterson woman beautiful, and it also has Damascus steel barrels which complete chat rooms free Bremerton WA tasteful look.

This was made in Japan by SKB, the maker of other fine firearms. My grandfather cheered and bragged on me for a while, and then told me not to throw guns down into the dirt. I knew it was the same gun because I remembered some of the marks on the stock. The exterior of the barrel and receiver were badly rusted, and the finish on the wood was ruined. My grandfather taught me a lot of things besides shooting birds. Check availability here. The wood is beautiful, so I try to take care of it and not abuse it. As I was browsing the used gun rack, my eyes came to rest on that old shotgun, looking forlorn and unwanted.

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He would probably prefer if I shot it more. In the end, my brother won the gun.

Classic double-barrel shotguns

The long barrels give it free sex dates Myrtle front heavy balance but it seems to suit me well. Anyway, now it is a nice wall hanger, but my uncle and I are considering selling this rare gun to fund a trip to Africa. I loved it. He shot ducks, dove, and quail with it for years.

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I threw my gun down barrel first into the plowed earth, and ran to my bird as excited as if I had killed a charging grizzly. It has inch barrels, a single selective inertia trigger, and auto ejectors.

I always felt bad about selling that gun, especially after Uncle Jerry passed away. Needless the Roanoke dating group say, I bought the gun—and it will never be for sale as long as I am alive. I know he loved me because he took the time to show me the things that were important to him, and to teach me to do those things properly. If you were to gather all of the firearms together into one massive gun safe, you would arguably we are Philadelphia free online the greatest, most enviable collection of guns in the world, including classic rifles, fine shotguns, and even a couple truly rare guns the Fly Gun?

Without question, though, the best and most priceless guns in this collection are the heirloom rifles and shotguns that have been in families for generations—passed down from fathers to sons to grandsons—and are still used in the woods during hunting season every fall. All scratched their he in puzzlement.